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Dome light dead -- fuse OK, bulb OK, what next?

My dome light quit working a couple of weeks ago. Please help me diagnose. Here's what I know so far:

- I just tested the bulb and it works fine
- Checked fuse and it is OK. All other equipment on same circuit works.
- Door switches work, because courtesy lamps in door panels work.

Okay, here's the kicker:

I the light stopped working while I was removing the PO's ancient cell phone. The "brain" was mounted in the passenger footwell under the plastic floor cover. I was very careful not to disturb anything in the area. The installer ran two dedicated lines from the fuse box (presumably one switched, one not). So there is nowhere that the phone seemed to be tied into the wiring harness.

Is there anything located in the passenger footwell area that links to the dome light? Or is this just coincidence.

The map light works fine, only the main roof light has stopped working.

What now???
1998 S320
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