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Throttle adjustment

Does anyone have the specifications for setting/adjusting the throttle assembly that includes the bowden cable on a 1996 C280? I have tried several adjustments with various results.

The goals are the following:

1. Throttle (gas pedal) tip-in response
2. Transmission kickdown
3. Transmission shift smoothness
4. Overall pedal feel (loose or tight)

I have had success in achieving up to 3 of the goals at one time. At this time, the transmission is not very willing to kickdown but everything else is perfect. I know some people say to adjust the bowden cable at this point, but simply adjusting just this cable results in deterioration of the other items. So am asking if anyone can tell me the "big picture" with these adjustments. Apparently the adjustable parts of this assembly are:
1. Gas pedal tip-in cable
2. Intake manifold slide adjustment
3. bowden cable (what exactly does a bowden cable do?)

By the way, for those who have complained about throttle response, kickdown, etc., these adjustments make pretty dramatic changes to the way the car drives. Positively and negatively.
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