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I have an 83 380SEL of which the single row timing chain was replaced with double row at @ 125k. How many miles is the double row chain good for? Is it common for them to jump? I have done compression check and all seemed ok.Wouldnt compression check tell if valve timing was off? Car still runs rough at idle etc. Runs great at 80-100mph.
Also did the 1980 450SL come with single row or double row timing chain? I have purchased one with 80,000 miles on it and I have to drive it approx. 600 miles home. Is that engine a good one and how many miles should I expect from it? The engine supposedly has been well maintained. (Body is a little rough) I guess the 380's are less desireable than the other V-8s due to timing chain problems etc.. Why did Mercedes do this? As always all comments are appreciated. (If the 450 works out I may have a sharp looking 380SEL for sale cheap!!!! Thanks to anyone who replies.
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