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On our 84 300td wagon with approx 150KMI, we are experiencing a low cold idle speed for the first 30 seconds or so after start. When the car is shifted into gear, the low idle speed results in a stall.
Glow plugs are in order, start is instantaneous on cranking, and extending the glow period has no effect. Valves have been adjusted, fuel filters are clean, injection pump and fuel filter are bled, injection timing has been adjusted, and valve timing is about 2 degrees late.
Have checked the vacuum shutoff to see if it is hanging up for the first 30 seconds, but it's okay; Reventing the fuel filter seemed to provide relief for 2 days, but the problem resurfaced today.
Tried raising the idle speed a tad tonight.
The car seems to be running flawlessly, although it's never gotten over 23-24 mpg. Still running dino oil (15-40w).
Any ideas?
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