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w201 Tempmatic Climate Control Problem

Hey all:
I need a help with my tempmatic climate control. It is a 1987 model so there is no EC button. The problem is such that I cannot use my newly reconditioned (new condensor) and converted to R134a AC because the defroster will continuously blow heat. When I push the dehumidfy button (the top of the three vertically lined up buttons on the right of the climate control panel), I feel the AC compressor engage and the middle vents blow cold air, but the defroster will never stop blowing hot air. When I push the AC button (the middle button in the same location), the AC compressor does not even turn on. I think that I have two problems, 1. There is a vacuum problem (heater valve?) that will not close the defroster 2. The AC button or inside car temperature sensor are broken and do not sense that the AC must turn on. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I cannot drive in this weather with heat.
1985 190E 2.3-16 Euro
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