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Every body's different, and you know yours best.

Try starting with the vertical adjustment. If you're tall, make sure you have enough headroom and that the mirror doesn't obscure your vision too much in right turns. If your on the short side, make sure you can see comfortably over the steering wheel and dash. If you're average height, just start somewhere a little below the middle. If you like to drive with your left arm on the windowsill, let that be your guide. Next do the horizontal seat positioning. Adjust so that you can reach the gas pedal comfortably with your right foot without placing too much weight on the backs of your thighs. Do a fine adjust with the tilt of the seat base. Next, adjust the seatback to just slightly more vertical than you think might be the most comfortable lean position. Then adjust the steering wheel to where you can just get your fingers around the bottom with your hands lying face up in your lap, elbows hanging comfortably at your sides. This should get you pretty close, but only driving for extended periods will tell for sure. Save this position as a baseline adjustment and just make small changes to one thing at a time and see how it feels.

Hope this helps.


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