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I actuall thought about using this type of tool yesterday... I don't own one, but they are cheap, and I can get one at the local ACE Hardware. It is worth a try and I can always use another tool in the ole tool box.

Thanks for the crows foot suggestion. It would probably work, but I think my set is too thick and 'heavy duty' for the job.

I also had one emailed suggestion of removing the fuel-line connections from one side of the unit. I tried this and now need to get new fuel-line connector on the left side... the one that connects to the fuel filter. I broke it loose okay, but the nipple popped right out..... hummmmm... possibly another source of leak?.... After removing this connector, the crows foot is STILL too thick and wide to work.

I will probably try the plumbers tool first, and then pull the assembly from the pump so I can access from the back-side.

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