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Front top cover

Thanks guys. The consensus seems to be that the leak may exist at the u-shape gasket of the front cover. I'll degrease around that area and see if thats the source. I found a TSB on this which differs slightly from the MB CD procedure in that only one sealant is required, namely Loctite 5900. Heres the steps,

TSB - Oil leakage at top front cover

1. Remove front top cover
2. Remove gasket
3. Apply one drop of Loctite 5900 sealant to left and right ends to fill the gap between
the cylinder head gasket and u-shaped cover gasket. (this area must be clean and free of oil)
4. Dry new cover gasket and insert into dry groove in timing case cover w/o sealant.
5. Coat top of gasket with oil so that the front cover can slide over it w/o damaging the gasket
6. Apply a thin, even layer of Loctite 5900 sealant onto surfaces of front cover
which make contact with the cylinder head.
7. Reinstall top front cover

Note if oil leak persists, replace cylinder head gasket. Ouch.

A couple of questions.

Should I replace the camshaft seal while I'm at it? The business with the insertion sleeve collar which differs depending on the metal of the driver is a little confusing. What would a '91 190e 2.6 have?

Where is a good source for Loctite 5900?

I guess I could replace the value cover gasket while I'm at it since this has to come off too.

Doug Stang
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