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Its hard to place these links even with a picture. Let me try, five links. The easiest is the lower control arm as it runs at the bottom bearing carrier directly toward the middle of the car. Also coming from the lower part of the bearing carrier is the longitudinal strut. From the top of the bearing carrier come the other three. The Camber strut goes directly parallel with the lower control arm toward the center of the car. The "tierod" comes from sort of the middle front of the bearing carrier at an angle to direction of travel and is called "tierod" as it is the adjustable link (it has a cam at the subframe attachment). And that leaves our link in question and I don't know what to call it except "what's left".

BTW I really don't think paying over MB list is a great deal. The arms we put on yesterday we charged $25.50 each plus installation. I often wonder what people are being charged in big city shops if these magazines part stores sell any parts. As in this case they are 10% over MB list.
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