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Itís done! I finished the job yesterday.

Itís done! I finished the job yesterday.

Took about 3 hours Ė but would have been a 45-60 minute job if I had better access to the injector hex bolts. I urge anyone doing this work to buy either a rounded end 5MM hex wrench, or a bendable, narrow ratchet with a 5MM hex bit. (The toughest ones were injectors 3 and 4. One and two (in front of engine) were OK, and 5 & 6 were a breeze.) Also, replacing the fuel lines at the distributor took time. If the bolt is not perfectly aligned, it will not screw in.

I did this work in hopes of correcting some stumbling and hesitation at idle, which appears to have been somewhat accomplished. The roughness is significantly less noticeable and more consistent, like a sine wave that has been flattened. Instead of periods of smoothness interrupted by roughness, I now am experiencing smoothness with occasional undercurrents of mild roughness. In truth, this is fine for an almost 15 year old car, but at times my idle is so smooth I cannot tell that the engine is on, and I want it to be that way all the time. (Or am I asking too much?)

I still need to have my fuel/air mixture readjusted, which should help even more. For now, I at least know the occasional roughness is not electrical (replaced plugs, wires, distributor and rotor a few weeks ago) and not because of leaky injectors. The (brass) injectors themselves looked clean, but that really tells me nothing. I may run some Techron through the system and perhaps do an Italian tune up. After that, my areas of focus are the fuel filter and air filter. I hear things about the air mass sensor, but I will not be messing with that.
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