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Sounds like you have found what appears to be a gem of an early 300e.

Low Miles and service history. sounds like an excellent buy to me.

IF the car has been sitting for a while, My personal choice if the car has been sitting would be to change all the fluids and filters.

IT really can't hurt.

As far as the sunroof if you are positive the motor is broken, then it shouldn't be too bad of a fix. Have you actually tested to see if power is getting to the motor? a Good Multimeter and a friend to hit the switch while you test wires, should definitely determine if it is motor failure or switch failure.

If there is power at the motor and nothing happens it might be broken. if there is no power, you will want to test the switch itself. if there is power to the switch but none leaving it voila you have found the problem.

I picked up a 92 300ce a couple of months ago with 78k on the clock. I love the car tremendously. In fact my girlfriend is getting a bit jealous... I've been spending too much time with my car since I got it.

I'm not a tech, but thats my thoughts on the car.


'92 300CE
Metallic Black (Blue Flaked) on Parchment
Clear Corners
94-95 Tail-Lights
Black Grille Insert
78.5k Miles

Future Upgrades:
Sportline Suspension
17" AMG Monoblocks or EVO II's
Euro Headlights
Performance Chip
AMG Exhaust

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