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This article points out the importance high air flow has on
the cooling effeciency when the car is at low speed/stopped/low rpm ...
This is where the systems thermal load is strained to the max.,
and the reasoning for my mention in prevoius post of jumpering the a/c low fan pre-resistor...if there is any time that these systems need high fan/air flow .. this is it....
The rest of the system is there , [ high pressure sensor, aux. fans, relay, etc] , so... simply getting rid of the dropping resistor
gives us HIGH fan when we need it the most...with a simple mod of moving a wire ...[ rather than jumper]
The system will still have the protection of the high side sw and controls , but the benefit of air volume when called for ... and as the load decreases from car movement and passive air condensor cooling, the high sw will cut the fan when not called for....[ie- low demand of system and adequate ground speed air cooling]
One might also think that a negative of this this would be a larger draw with the high speed vs. low , but the opposite is true .. the low fan and series resistor circuit actually draw more than the no resistor high speed. [ notice the pre-resistor fusing is larger than high aux fan circuit fuse]
The only negative I have been able to come up with is the noise of the high fan.....but who is listening when you are nice and coooooll..????
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