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Hi John,

Thank you. I appreciate your help.

I ran a few tests... there are differences in our fuses

In the main fuse box, my fuse 19 is for "power socket, trunk - station wagon" and there is no fuse 30. So I found:

-fuse 2 for "fanfare, control unti autom. climate control, auxiliary fan control - 4 cyl. engine
-fuse 18 blower control, auxiliary fan control - 6 cyl. engine" (I know mine's a 4 cyl, but it was a close match and there IS a fuse in there)
-fuse 29 for "auxiliary fan - 4 cyl. engine."

First I pulled fuses 2 and 29. The engine started and ran fine, the battery warning idiot light came on, the temperature guage sat at 85, the climate control PBU was completely off (not even displaying "OFF") and the engine cooling fan DID NOT move.

Next I pulled fuses 18 and 29. Same result as the first test except the climate control PBU displayed "OFF," displayed the "72" that I set, and/but the climate control did not start it's fan.

I put the fuses back in, started the engine, then set the climate control to cool to 72. The battery idiot light did not iluminate and the engine cooling fan DID NOT move.

I replaced fuses in question with the spares with the same results.

My goal is to figure out if this is something simple I can replace/fix myself or do I need to take it to the professionals?

Thanks for any help you can offer. I really appeciate it.

Best regards,

1988 300 SL (5 Speed)
1994 E320 Wagon
1997 C230
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