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Well.. all I can say now.. is that I am a total idiot..
yes any way heres my story
.. I pull up to a Mobil Station here in Irvine CA.. I go to the green pump.. assuming from my past experience that diesel pumps are typically green.. I put my card in.. start pumping away.. decide to fill my SD up.. I haven't done so in a while and it was running on empty.. so I put 17 gallons in.. of what I assume is diesel..add REDLINE then I hop in take off and away I went.. for about 1/2 a mile.. until I hear this severe knocking.. im all hmm.. that's funny.. it was working fine.. so @ a red light I put it in park and rev the engine .. then rev it some more.. still knocking bad.. so I get a green light.. and by this time its running like crap.. so I pull over into a gas station.. which just happened to be next to a Fire department.. so I pull over and get out of my car.. and notice thick white smoke out the back.. knowing something is wrong.. I shut the engine off .. and I just happened to glance at my receipt that I got from the station and it said in big letters REGULAR .. I was about to die.. discovering my mistake.. I figured that I need to get this gas out of my tank..

luckily.. the fire station across the street had a HAZ mat truck out side.. so I swing by and ask them if their is a proper way I can dispose of 17 gallons of unleaded fuel.. and the fireman said that they couldn't dispose of it.. but would gladly take the fuel as a donation.. and dump it intotheir under 2500gallon tanks that they use to fuel their suburbans..
now I only had one problem.. getting the fuel out.. with only a small hand pump and a 5 gallon tank.. and 4 hours later.. I relatively got most of the 17 gallons I put in out of the tank.. I also disconnected the fuel line in the engine bay that leads to the tank and sucked directly from their to ensure I got most of it out.. I then ran the engine .. directly feeding it from a single gallon diesel tank that I store in my trunk.. and it after a couple of seconds it fired and ran fine.. .. I reconnected the fuel lines filled up with deisl and off I was cruzing on the 405 @ 70mph again.. now.. question is did I do any damage? I think I drove a total of a mile.. using regular fuel.. what can go wrong?
is their anything I should do? .. I did add a lot of redline to the tank when I filled it up? and I had run diesel purge about a week before.. ?
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