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hi thomas

well i definitely pinned the motor as the culprit. when i got home tonite i took a few minutes and tested the circuits in the door and my vom showed power on power off at the connection block. so the only thing not working in the system is the motor.

now apparently there are 3 versions of motors. one with 8 teeth and one with 10. i also see one with 14. who knows. phil tells me i need to count the teeth before ordering.

but tell there absolutely no way of removing the motor without pulling the whole assembly out?

the factory mbz body and chassis book keeps referring to lowering the crank window. the only way i know of doing that now is to release the window from the regulator.

are there any tricks to this??

tks much


i am going to get a new motor but that motor is going in the black 420. i'll take the used one and put in the gold 420. hopefully they will have the same tooth layouts.
Thanks Much!

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