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Unhappy 87 300TD,can't get it to stop running hot.

I bought this car on E-bay and hte moment I got it the temp would go up to 120 plus when there was a heavy load put on the engine(I live in the mountains).Shortly we learned that the head gasket was bad and the dealer we bought it from agreed to buy us a salvaged motor that is supposed to have 120000 miles on it.When the mechanic finally finished putting the motor in it still did the same thing.We did everything possible to the cooling system,short of a water pump and it still did the same thing.The mechanic said that his 300TD went up to 115 degrees and he thought the car was ok as long as it didn't go into the red.We drove the car about 2 weeks and then it fially went into the red,and blew it's head gasket .We figured that the engine we got must have had a bad gasket when we got it and went ahead and got the head gasket replaced and the car was still running hot on the mechanics first test drive.The mechanic says he dosn't no what it could be and we despartly need the car fixed on Monday(my wife is driving to Ohio),Please help,thanks.
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