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Question Hot Engine wont idle

Hey Guys,
Here's the story, we went down town shoping, stop and go traffic, the whole round trip takes 2 1/2 hours, the car is turned off maybe 10 minutes at each store. On the way home the car when stopped in traffic, the engine idle's rough then stalls, If we 2 foot the car to keep with the traffic, holding the idle with my right foot, using neutral, after 10 minutes or so, the engine sometimes resumes it smoothness and we are back to a normal running car, and sometimes it needs to be 2 footed all the way.

The Facts:

We are in Nigeria
Air Con is always On
The Car is an Automatic, imported from Germany
Enging temp never go above 95, 85 Norrmal
The car starts everytime first try (no gas pedal needed)
It idles at 750 to 850 almost smooth
We have NO quality gasoline

Last month someone (local dirt floor mech) adjusted the fuel mixture with a long allen key thru the airfilter. He used the engine sound to fine tune his adjustment. We have no meters here!

Thanks again!!
Capt. Joe McGlynn
Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Beautiful Car!
Wish It Ran Beautiful!
Help Please!
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