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If I'm at 180 deg and the engine runs ok, is there a problem?

I'm not sure, but In the process of doing this job I now have a real bonified problem! One of the (4) allen bolts that hold the alternator to the head won't come out. I've lubricated it, banged it, heated it, but nothing works. Of course, the hex is now getting beat up which makes it all the more difficult. I had the same problem when I was removing my a/c compressor. One lousy bolt in an inaccesible location. On the a/c bolt it took me a week of weeknights to get that out. I ended up drilling it out, but that was only a bracket. I'm not that brave on the cyl head!

Any suggestions on what to do with these allen head bolts?

Also, visually inspected the chain and noted that on the passenger side it was very easy to lift the chain off of the flat rail. Is that any indication of chain stretch?
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