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On a long business trip this week sorry for the late reply...thank you for taking the time to respond.

It is the original radiator as best I can tell.
I replaced OVP to deal with the rough idle after plug replacment showed no improvement, the fuses on the old one were good by the way. Still have rough idle, more of a rough idle the higher the engine temp.
Replaced just the timing chain cover seal, timing is good it seems but have not measured it...maybe the timing was knocked off somehow during this repair?

The valve seals have not been replaced. I was told that when I had the timing cover seal repaired that since they had the valve cover off I should do the valve seals too. It would have turned a $500 repair into $700 plus so I did not.

The point I was trying to make about not too oily was that I do not think that the valve seals were that bad yet. I owned a 300E once and before I had the valve seals replaced it seemed as I was fouling spark plugs every other fill up. Right now the plugs do not seem fouled (no burnt oil caked on the end of the plug) but I do see a little oil next to the treads.

I have since experienced more problematic engine stall even when I do not run the A/C in order to keep the engine temp below 90. When I turn on the A/C eng temps run around 100 or 105 in stop and go traffic. Then it idles even rougher to point of not wanting to accelerate at times.

Even when the engine temp is down to 90 the idle will skip a beat every now and then.
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