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300SDL - no power at all now...

I just replaced my defective fuel shutoff valve on my wife's 87 300SDL. Now the engine delivers NO power.

I removed the Int manifold to gain access. I tried to remove the ALDA using two crescent wrenches but it would not break loose. I then turned the ALDA WITH the fitting that nurmally remains in the Injector pump (the lower, larger nut). It unscrewed 5-6 turns and then would continue to turn but it would not release from the injector pump. Obviously something in the pump captures the pin at the bottom end. However, with the ALDA unscrewed 4-5 turns, there was enough clearance to get a wrench on the fuel shutoff and remove/replace it.

I then screwed the ALDA back in, replaced everything else, checked the fuel shutoff for proper operation with a Mitey Vac, and started the engine. It started fine but now has NO power at all. With tranny in neutral and accelerator floored, it will rev to around 3500-4000 but do so quite slowly. In gear, on level ground, the car will accelerate VERY SLOWLY to around 20 MPH. It will not go up a hill at all. It will not shift out of 1st gear (autimatic tranny).

The car was running fine before I did this work.

I sure would appreciate some advice from the diesel folks - I'm totally stumped.
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