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Yeah I forgot to mention that method. I had assumed that the typical dealer wouldn't
*necessarily* inform a customer that this can be done with air pressure. I've done this great. I guess I have seen and heard too many "Midas" stories. I would give my right (***) for a shop that would offer the "cheaper" and more expedient solution, if appropriate. Would be nice if there were a dealer that would recommend doing it without pulling heads....maybe I'm jaded....been hosed too many times by shops looking to flesh out their billable hours for the week.

e.g. Hey these rotors look to me to be WAY too thin...I just can't grind them.....
(measured fine before grinding)
Hey you need new drums.....I can hear them grinding (hardware loose)
Hey that a/c evaporator is'll be neding a new compressor AND evap
(fitting leaking)

(And I worked for several years as a mechanic myself, so I probably am guilty to some degree as well)

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