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Interesting to read your questions and replies - because I've been thinking about doing the same work, shocks and bushings.

Back to some more basic questions though -

1) Over large bumps in the road, there can be quite a thud, and I feel something shake. I'm quite sure it's in the suspension, it seems to shake through the car a bit, as opposed to in newer cars which may ride less well but don't clunk over these large bumps. I want to fix it, but would these require replacing sway bar bushings? suspension bushings? suspension parts? I've never done suspension work before.

2) I'm also thinking of replacing shocks but am put off because I like the lowish ride height I seem to have too. This pic shows how the car sits on absolutely level ground. It's a nice stance (this is a 2.0 so your 2.6 is probably lower from the factory - how does it compare to this?)

I hope we can get some answers to these

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