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Please Help!!! Engine Dies When Hot. (Problem Solved)

Hi All:

I just picked up a really clean 87 260E to replace my 260E with a blown tranny.

Today while driving it, the temp got somewhere between 80-100 and the car just ran rough for about two seconds and then died. It cooled off for about 5 minutes and started up like nothing was wrong. It ran for a few minutes, temp got hot again then died again. Same thing waited 5 minutes and it started up fine.

Am I running into a vaporlock situation? I am not sure. I got stalled 7 times trying to get home. After I tried to run the heater to keep the engine cooler but it still cut out after about three minutes. It was quicker to cool off when the heater was running.

I am at a total lost for what my be wrong. This car is too nice to just pull out the tranny and put it into my car right now. If it will cost too much to fix, that is what I have to do. Tranny R&R will cost $500.

Looking deeper into the situation, it looks like the previous did have A/C work done just before I got the car. The receipt shows he recharged the A/C last week because it went in because of hot air coming out of the outside vents. I don't know if this has anything to do with this situation.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

1987 260E Charcoal Grey 157,000 Miles
1987 260E Forest Green 120,000 Miles

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