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Long background info before the question:
My 99 E300 TurboDiesel with just under 34,000 miles has developed a knock on cold startup. The sound is very similar to a tapping valve, only happens when the engine is dead cold (relatively, this being Florida), and goes away after about 30 seconds. When this first started, the engine was still starting fine. Two days later, I could feel a distinct stumble for a few seconds. Also, when this first started, I found the engine oil slightly below minimum. Apparently the sensor for the idiot light has failed and the idiot doesn't check his oil often enough.

Now the questions:
1. Do you think this is glow plug related?
2. Am I going to do any damage by driving it for another week before my dealer can get the car in?
3. MBDOC: If this is oil related, will I still get help from MB because the level sensor failed?

Thanks for wading through all of this.

Rick Miley
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