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I searched the the previous data. I am still confused as to the reason the MB engines are so sorry and are oil burners. I can't believe engines with such low milage can consume that kind of oil. I read about head work, that was supposed to stop the oil but didn't. My main concern is if the valve guides won't stop the oil problem with the age of the car I wouldn't fix it if I knew ahead of time to a certain degree of accuracy what the exact cause was. Just to install valve guides they are talking 2g+ and to rebuild the engine 5g+. I have sometimes wondered if there can be another problem like the pvc system. My like one other on the database is very inconsistent on the oil consumption at times which is not normal with other engines I have had experience with. If you could possible help on this issue I would appreciate it. Also, is the leak down test a more accurate tell-tale than the compression test.
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