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Hi Mike:

Thanks for the reply. The car is currently on the other side of the island. I need to tow it home.

As far as the rough idle, when idleing in traffic, it goes towards 100 then it shakes the car for about two seconds then dies. I try to step on the gas but it just acts like no fuel is going in and struggles to rev then cuts out. The RPM's don't even go up when the gas is stepped at that point. It trys to rev but it just doesn't.

The car runs really strong up until that point. It has not cut out while driving at highway speeds yet. I am really thankful for that.

It smells like it is running a little rich at idle when the car is cold but I don't smell any gas coming from the exhaust after or just before it dies. I pulled the plugs and they look really good. Nice and brown and dry.

If it is the fuel relay, is there a way to bypass the relay?

Thanks again for your reply.

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