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I appreciate the replies. I still have a couple of questions. If I just recently replaced the valve stem seal shouldn't I have noticed some oil consumption reduction. I always thought the oil has to get by the seals too! I have been using 20W-50 oil in the engine. I had used 10W-40 before. It doesn't make a nickels worth of difference as to the oil consumption whether the weight is lighter or not. If I tear it down and replace the guides is there a remanufacture on the guides or do you still have to use the original ones. If I have to use the original ones will the problem be back soon again? I talked to a guy the other day that had a mercedes 190E with 140K miles on it and it didn't use any oil so he tells me. I fail to understand why some will go so long without problems, but the majority of the others won't. Did Mercedes ever address this problem? I was told Mercedes don't acknowledge a problem unless the consumption is under 800K...per a Mercedes spokesperson!
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