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I posted this question in the Performance Paddock without too much response so I'll repost it here. Thanks for any help you guys can's a mix of two posts.

____________________________________________ now feels like i'm riding on 23 inch wheels on 5 series tires on the back. I know my rear shocks are probably damn near dead and it's time to fix it. I have a 93 500SEL with self leveling and I know replacing the hydraulic shocks is major $$$. Is there a way to get rid of the self leveling system and go to a "regular" system? Being that my car is sitting on 19" monoblocks, a cushy ride is not the #1 priority anyway. I'm also looking to add H&R or Eibach sport springs to lower the car a bit. Please throw all suggestions my way, hopefully this is the right forum...its kind of a cross between a Tech question and performance but oh well... Thanks in advance guys.

post 2 (Michael's Response)
How many miles on the car? Unless you're approaching a quarter of a million, I'd be surprised if your rear shocks are dead. My '88 wagon's struts, at 163k mi., still function beautifully. Presuming no leaks in your hydro struts out back, they're likely fine.
What pressure are you running in your tires? That may be the culprit.

Lastly, you might want to check part #s for the rear struts on your car vs. the (I think)W140 S500 Limited Edition they made at the end of the ran 18" or 19" monoblocks, and its struts may have been adapted to better work with the short rubber.

Just a few thoughts...good luck!

post 3 (me again)
I think they actually are leaking a little, and i have 172k on the clock. Lots of highway miles but still...I guess I just want to know what my options are and how much out of pocket I am looking at for parts. A very good friend of mine is an S class specialist so as far as labor goes I'm in good shape (a good thing too because over the winter we gotta do the AC Evaporator core...ughhh) So anyone that knows, let me know...thanks again

Thanks for anyone who took the time to read all this and respond.

Chris Singh
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