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I don't have the compression spec for your engine, but 125 psi sounds low. Absolute numbers are usually not as important as consistency. Was the throttle blocked open while the compression was tested?

When the valve spring is removed, you always wiggle the valve stems, and a good mechanic knows if the guides are worn excessively, but even if the guides are worn, new seals should definitely reduce the oil consumption.

At 56K miles there will be some wear, but it should not be excessive and the engine should not be consuming that much oil especially if the seals were replaced. The early seals were also more subject to deterioration. About mid-'88 viton seals were substituted and are more long lived, and these seals should be the current service replacements.

Inadequate oil change intervals could cause deposit buildup in the ring grooves and sticky rings, and the cam box would also be quite dirty. What did it look like?

Was the mechanic who did the work really qualified and, based on what you reported I would have to question if the seals were even changed. Worn guides and seals can generate that much oil consumption. A new set of guides and seals on my Cosworth Vega last year reduced oil consumption from a quart every 200 miles to a quart every 4-5000. All the guides had excessive wear and the seals were competely shot.

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