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I agree that plugged cats are quite likely, and cost nothing to test.
Plugged fuel filter is another possiblity, and given that you seem to prefer the "shotgun" approach rather than diagnosis and testing, if you don't know when the fuel filter was last replaced, you could also try that, it's due every 60,000 miles.
One other thought is possibly the transmission kickdown cable (throttle valve cable) is disconnected or misadjusted? These 4 bangers definitely need to drop a gear when accelerating hard to get into the power band, otherwise dog-city!


ps The 102 engine has those pair of pre-cats, that's what normally plugs up, pretty common on these 2.3's, seen a few of them, it can ultimately ruin the engine, so check that out.
Did you use the correct Bosch plugs in it? The "Platinum" and other fancy electrode plugs are usually bad news on these engines, it should be running non-resistor plugs, which most of these "whiz-bang" spark plugs are not.
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