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Intake removal on E300D '97 non-turbo

I have a '97 E300D and am anticipating replacement of the glow plugs myself. On this model it appears different than the descriptions for this maneuver on the turbo models.
First there is a crossover cast tube from the intake side to the manifold itself. There is one bolt on the manifold joint and two bolts through a bracket that is bolted to the head. A shorter segment of cast holds the egr and the flapper valve solenoid. Sorry, there is no allen bolt "underneath" on the passenger side as on the turbo models that have no cross over tube on top. At least there does not appear to be. Where the cross over joins with the egr, and air control solenoid it must be an o ring assembly but cant be sure how it seals.
Now I have the get the cross over tube removed in order to get to the last two torx bolts on the manifold (14 in all).
Can I remove the 3 bolts holding this part (two on passenger side and 1 on drivers side) and swing it upwards to get it loose and remove it, or some other maneuver? Seems to me that the segment with the egr and air flap can be left alone if this is true.
That's it. Thanks all.
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