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'86 300E - Replacing O2 Sensor w/ Mustang Type

HI All,

I'm about to replace my oxygen sensor with a new one from Auto Zone for a '90 Mustang 5.0L. Does anyone have any definite data on whether the sensor itself is the same. I'd like to know before I start cutting and soldering.

The new 3-wire Mustang sensor has the following numbers etched on it. I haven't had a chance to remove the old one yet, though.

Bosch 29209A0 (982)
O258003953 12V

If it's the same, I can't see spending an extra $95 for a few inches of extra wire and a connector. And speaking of connectors, has anyone found a source for the male end of the Ford sensor connector? The number (AUVC927082) referenced in the article located here:

doesn't seem to exist in any Ford dealer's parts index.

Thanks for any info you can provide

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