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Thanks for the reply Duke. Actually I was the one to replace the valve stem seals. I noticed that the old ones didn't look bad at all not cracked chipped or anything. I did make one mistale though. I didn't wiggle the valve stems in the guides to see if there was excessive movement. The new stem seals fit very tighly over the valves too. One thing I did notice is after running the engine if you shut if off, and open the breather cap there is white smoke that comes out the filler hole in the valve cover. Is this a good indication the engine has blow-by? Inside of the valve cover when I removed it the valleys and chain and all looked good and clean no slucge build up or anything. I am in the process of getting a leak down tester. They are quite expensive, and I am not sure if it will definitely tell me if the rings are stuck or shot or the guides are defective. If I hear air at the tail pipe and in the crankcase or other places as well. The inconsistency of oil consumption like some other users referred to ,also, is puzzling to me. One thing that has me held back from jumping head first into the engine is the age of the vehicle and the cost factor. A five to 6G repair bill doesn't fit the vehicle anymore. Thanks for your help.
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