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ctaylor738 , Meza, thank you for your help. I soaked the valve hours in carburator cleaner and then soaked it overnight with WD-40. It did not work. Finally I gave 12V straight from the battery, and the valve clicked. Put back to itīs harness, no clicking, so the manual says the valve is bad. I think the valve is worn out, it will draw too much current from the control module, I found that one transistor on pc-board has overheated. Old posts say that good valve should give 10 +/-2 ohms, mine gives 4 ohm, itīs not ok.

I will replace the idle valve. I would be able to save the control module if I could replace that burned transistor. I canīt read what is printed on the top of the transistor(?) because itīs so badly burned. Is there available circuit diagram of pc-board anywhere? Or what would be that transistor?
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