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Richard Ney
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Please if you can, at this time I like to hear from you referring buying a 99 E 430 / What are the bad options about the car and how much can I offer? Car reads 19K.
2Nd question / My mechanic is telling me that today on the States few companies are building cars with the only obligation to serve car brake down components "IN GENERAL" for a limited time of 3 to 5 years?/ Hope mercedes is not one of them / Said the reason for it, is to have the consumer ride in new leasing cars every couple years, avoiding companies to stock all those parts for 20 years? If that is the case, Toys r'Us may be in the future, investing $$$ to build cheap cars/ Could easy be a Tax write off for them on a ten year adventure. Of course before declaring them selfs on the Red zone they would had ben already make millions up on some of us.
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