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I may be able to still get a copy of the SI for you, not very easily though. Someone in the SHOP at that dealer I'm sure would get it for you faster, it's too easy to have the parts guy say they can't find it, well DUH it's not their job (just ask them ) Ask the service writer.
BUT, maybe I can explain it to you.
The HIGH beam bulb is NOT the issue with this kit. It's the smaller halogen "parking" light located below the high beam bulb.
The old style parking light socket has 2 wires running to it.
Disconnect these wires from the socket, twist and remove the socket and discard (save the bulb/bulbs if they presently work)
Install the small halogen bulbs to the sockets with the pigtails, being sure not to handle the glass, use a tissue or something.
Install the new sockets with pigtails into the headlamp. Connect the pigtails on the new sockets to the existing wiring (that used to connect to the old sockets), keeping the colors oriented the same. The positive terminal gets the little funky plastic "elbows" snapped over them to prevent a short if it touches bare metal somehow. Tuck the wiring into the headlight and reinstall the rear covers.

The BIG harnesses:
They plug into the headlight wiring between the existing harness and the headlight assembly. They are located over near the fender side of the back of the headlight, so on the left headlight, look over near the left fender on the back side of the headlight. You'll see a similar looking connector on the chassis harness where it connects to the headlight. Disconnect the harness, plug in this new section to the chassis wiring harness, then the other end connects to the back of the headlight where the harness was plugged in. There is a resistor built into that new piece that i guess cuts down the voltage slightly to that parking light. You can't see a difference in the brightness, but the bulbs last a heck of a lot longer.

Also DO install the new headlight bulbs that are provided, there is a difference in these bulbs and the old ones.They are for the low beam headlight.

The only difference between the Xenon kit and the non-Xenon kit is with the non-Xenon kit, you get these new H4 bulbs to install.

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