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CORRECT part # needed for 190E (W201) euro headlights

hi guys

car is a '90 190E (W201)

Okay, so all this time I thought I had the right 6-pin electrical connector for my euros. I got a pair of 6-pin connectors from the dealer, part # 011 545 50 28. They each have the cover connected to the socket (6 holes on it). After searching around I realize the euro connectors are two separate pieces. Here is the info I got:

qty (2) - 006 545 80 28 - 6-pin electrical connector, socket
qty (2) - 009 545 30 28 - 6-pin electrical connector, cover

Are these the correct part numbers for the 190E euro 6-pin connectors I need to install my euro headlights? In my search, I also see that these parts are for the W126 and the W124. What part did I get (the 011 545 50 28 part)? Thanks guys.
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