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HELP! 300E rear tires wearing out very fast

Hi experts, I need help please. My car is a 1987 300E. The rear tires have been wearing out real fast. Yokohama AVS Sports 205/55/16 lasted only 7,600 km; Falken ST115 205/55/16 lasted only 9.800 km; Yokohama Aspec db 205.55/16 have been wearing at a similar *fast* rate. The front tires are OK. The Yokohama AVS Sports 205/55/16 have lasted 25,200 km. I have since changed the rear springs (original), rear shock absorber (original) and lower arm bushes, but the problem seems to be still persistent. Tire pressure is correct, according to the specifications. Note that the tire wears are EVEN, no particular signs of wearing inside or outside of the tires - so it doesn't seem to be an alignment problem.

Any suggestions would be really and greatly appreciated.
Edwin Li
1987 W124 300E Auto right-hand drive

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