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I had mentioned before in this forum that there is this rattling noise in the interior of my new C240 that the dealer could not detect. I finally found the problem. It was the right front passenger seat that causing the problem. When I tap the seat cushion with my fingers, there is this rattling noise coming from under the seat.

I am bringing my car back to the dealer for them to fix the problem next week. However, I would still like to know what is the probable cause of the rattling noise that comes from under the seat. Is it loose springs or is it the loose seat frame or is it loose wiring harness that located under the seat frame that cause the rattles? Any ideas?

Also, the centre console creaks a lot these days. It happens while I am driving over uneven surface as well as smooth surface. I am not sure if it is due to the cold weather temperature? Is there anything that I can do to tighten up the centre console other than letting the dealer to fix the problem? I am not sure if the dealer can even fix the creaking noise coming from the centre console.

Any suggestions or advise are kindly apprciated. Thanks very much!

2001 C240 Classic
Desert Silver
Java interior

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