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85 190e 2.3 coolant replacement diy

uh I know this will probably be useful to no one- probably me in two years when I go to do it again ) but here's what I did this weekend:

with the engine cool after overnight sit, pop hood undo expansion tank cap. place large tupperware container you will never use again under right passanger side wheel. reach up under and look for small- mine was red- colored screw on right bottom side of radiator. unscrew and place container under to catch (in my case nasty green stuff from PO). when that has drained completely tighten screw back up and move collection inside and under right wheel. Before draining engine I took 10mm hex to thermostat housing and swapped out PO's for new lower temp (79 degree) thermostat. figured it was cheap insurance. three 10mm bolts hold thermostat houing on. thermostat was somewhat stuck in there, this for me was the only time when I had to muscle something. I pulled straight up using a screw driver (knowing I was going to 86 the old part). Replace thermostat cover located near disributor cap. find 19mm hex and reach way up under exhaust manifold. feel around up there for a bolt sticking out, hard to see without car up on stands but can be done by touch. Loosen this and drain engine. replace drain plug with 19mm... I work in a lab and have access to distilled water don't know what else to use if its not available, hose water I guess. I filled the expansion tank up with distilled water and had the boss start the car with the heat on. as the level of the expansion tank dropped as "coolant" entered the engine I dumped more into the expansion tank, after a minute or two this became unnecessary. place cap back on expansion tank and run engine around block a couple of times with heat on max. let car sit overnight. I redid this twice as the stuff coming out was stilll somewhat funky and then on the third time refilled with 50/50 coolant to distilled water.

total time may 2 hrs if you drag your bottom
local pep boys disposed of old coolant
tools needed: 10mm and 19mm replacement thermostat coolant distilled water.

1985 190e 2.3
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