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Just wanted to report back on the problems covered in this thread.

First the Honda status. I took my daughters brand new Honda to the dealer in limp mode August 1 and still don't have it back. It was in limp mode and wouldn't run over 50MPH. In another thread someone told about how Hondas and Toyotas never break, only MB's break. I think that this person was not facing reality. I think her car might be headed for a lemon law replacement.

I got a blower motor, tore things apart to get to it, and sure enough, the blower motor was frozen, I suppose the bearings were shot. I thought it was something like that since the voltage at the fuse decreased when turning on the blower motor.

Thanks to JSlabotsky's post with pictures, I got in and replaced it pretty readily. Had I been flying blind it would've taken longer to figure out how it comes apart. It was a real trick using my puller on the fans.

Have a great day,
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