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Well engine is almost out. And I figured I would post my results so far so everyone can get a good laugh over what an ass I am.

1. Stan was correct I didnt undo the bolts that attach the motor mounts. I was under the impression the motor mounts were only attached to the motor, and not the frame.

2. when I unbolted the transmission from the flexdisk, one of the bolts I unscrewed was going from the driveshaft to the flexdisk, so there was really still one bolt going from the trans to the flexdisc. So as I was lifting and pulling and cursing, I realized I could now see the driveshaft coming towards the engine compartment.
That was Great, so now I dont know what kind of damage was caused by pulling that driveshaft forward like that.

3. After putting engine back into place to remove final bolt, then pulling again, I needed some more room to completely lift engine and trans out of car, so I started cranking the lift and then bang, I hit the garage door above my car. So I quit for the day from being so fustrated with my own incompetence. sometime this week I will pull the car out of the garage slightly so I have enough clearance and then lift the engine out.

Anyway, Hope everyone gets a good monday morning laugh.

And if anyone knows what could have been done to the drive shaft please comment. The rear part is still attached to the rear diff.

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