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90 300SEL Very Rough Idle - Help!

Such a nice day yesterday, that I gave the car a hot bubble bath. While at it, I also rinsed the dirt and dust off the engine bay - just like many times before with a garden hose.

Started her up to put away into the garage, and it idled very rough. It almost died after putting into gear.

Wouldn't start at all by evening. Have good spark, but didn't smell any fuel. I poured a little fuel onto the 'air plate', but that didn't have any effect. This morning, it started right up, but still had the very rough idle. When put into gear, it wants to die. Pushing on the accel pedal will get the engine to very slowly begin to rev, and once it gets to about 2000 RPM, engine runs as normal and smoothe.

As already mentioned, I have strong spark. Checked for loose/wet fittings and connections but found nothing out of the ordinary. Although I didn't remove the distributor cap, I did not spray water in that area and it appeared dry, and plugs are firing. It seems more like fuel.

Where do I go from here?
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