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Crazy temp control!! 500SL

Hey guys, on my 1991 500SL Ive got a crazy temp control. For several weeks the buttons light up when pressed, but they dont control their function. So if I press AC the AC does not go on, if I press defrost it doesnt go on, etc etc. Sometimes they do work, but usually they dont.

Just this weekend though it really wigged out on me. The temp control shut off, there was no lights or read out on the display, and my car started to surge. I put it in neutral and the engine continued to surge, even up to 3000RPM's. Also I get hot air out of all the vents. I shut the car off and left it alone for a while and now its back to the intermittent temp control, the surging is gone. Im afraid it will come back or will cause damage to the car.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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