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the 500E nightmares continue: lower body panel not flush to body

Alright guys, so many problems with this car...its so discouraging...but at any rate...

The front left side, lower fender panel is not flush to the body of the car. It was a new panel as the one from the accident was scratched up. When I got the car back from the body work the panel was not like this. Since then its been through 6 shops and I just noticed it recently, theres no possible way I can narrow it down to who did it. So I took it back to the shop who did my body work and he said it looks like its bent, like something caught it and pulled it wrongly. He pulled the front of it back and it sounded like a clip popped out, then he hit it back in and it still sat like that.

He didn't take the whole panel off, how many clips are on it? Anyone have a picture of one completely off?

Here is how its sitting:

another picture of it:

a picture of the right side panel sitting properly (to see the difference)

how do i take the panel off without bending or damaging it even more? I wanna take it off to check the clips and see if its bent or anything. Any pictures of one off would be awesome. If its bent, i'd have to get a new panel and have it painted and finished, thats a lot of money for such a small panel SO frustrating when you've already paid to have this all done, and someone messes it up and you gotta pay for it to get fixed again.
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