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Lifter noise after top-end overhaul on 2.6 w/185k

Just had top-end done with new valves on the #1 cylinder. In addition, all new seals, guides, gaskets etc., But now I have a lifter tick on the #1 cylinder. It wasn't there before the valves were replaced. Mechanic says give it time and it will go away
in all likelihood and it won't hurt to drive it with the tick. Just drive it easy, no more than 2000 rpm, and give it time. I have driven
a little more than 200 miles, and the lifter tick is still there. The mechanic still feels the lifter is not "pumping up". Any suggestions
or similar experiences after a top-end job? I'm using 10w30
motor oil, should I go to a 10w40 or 20w50? Replace the lifter?
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