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A Salvage Title means "be careful". You can get a GREAT deal on a salvage car, as long as you know what you are looking at. For example, my mechanic picked up one of those Audi V8 sedans (the big ones that are real hard to find) at auction with a front end hit. It was salvaged by the insurance company because of the 4 month estimate from Audi to get parts to fix it. He also picked up a 2000 Suburban that had blown a left front tire (Firestone, imagine that) and rolled over on it's right side. Customer requested that it be totaled (apparently you can do that in Texas if you can show that even repaired, the value of the vehicle is appreciable affected), and he picked it up needing only some body work. His total cost in it was about $14K - it had 1100 miles on it!

As pointed out in other posts, you need to know exactly what you are getting into. They CAN be a good deal, as long as you realize that it might not be easy to sell.

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