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How do I install blinking mirrors?

Hi -- I just bought two C/F blinking mirror covers to install on my C43 AMG. I'm hoping someone could tell me how to remove the old covers and install the new covers.

I asked someone how to connect them electrically and I posted the following question with the following response.

"The blinking mirror covers have an LED blinker with three wires coming out of it: a brown, black and red. The OE mirrors have 6 wires in 2 groups: a grey, white, brown & red/black in a group of four wires; and a pink/black, red/black in a group of two wires.

To which wires do I splice the blinking mirror cover wires to get the LED blinkers to work correctly?

"You probably got yourself those mirror covers with blinkers and city lights (hence the third wire)...connect the ground and blinker wire to pos 5 and 6 of the oval 8pin connector which have a green and yellow wire that sit unconnected at the A-pillar bottom.

The ground needs to be connected to ground (or any full brown wire) and the power connectes to black with a white line for one side and black with a green line for the other side..."

I don't exactly understand the response and would appreciate any clarification that anyone could offer. The directions as to which pins to connect the wires to are presumably correct but, does the answer mean connect the ground wire to position five and the blinker wire to postion 6? Do the pins have numbers on them? What do I do with the third wire? Could I just connect the city light and the blinker wire and have one large blinker? Could anyone tell me which of the 3 wires from blinking mirror covers is the ground, blinker and city light wire?

Also, when he says the "8-pin connector" at the bottom of the A-pillar, does this mean that I do not have to remove the door panel and that the connector will be found behind the mirror once I remove it?

Most importantly, however, I do not know how to physically remove the old covers and replace them with the new ones. Could anyone post instructions?

Sorry for all these very basic questions but, I have to start somewhere before I will know how to work on this car.

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