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Question O2 sensors or fuel pressure regulator bad?

Hi guys,

Any thoughts about this one?

The car seems to run fine. Although I think there is a slight hesitation when I step on the gas hard now that I think about it. CE light came on and independent hooked car up to CS2200. The scanner showed that bank 1 and 2 O2 sensors bad.

He said that the scanner sometimes gave him bad readings about O2 sensors, because he said he has never seen all O2 sensors go bad at same time. He said it was probably the fuel pressure regulator that was bad.

I asked if that could be why my MPG was low at around 15mpg on a M119 with mostly freeway miles. He said yes. I have read the threads on fpr and I think it was Steve that said the fpr would not affect the mpg unless it filled up your crankcase. I don't think my crankcase if full of gas. I just changed the oil and found no gas with it.

He cleared the code and said to bring the car back for him to check the fpr. Later that day the CE came back on. I asume that the code will be the same. Is he looking in the right direction for the problem? I am going to check the line for gas as recomended in the threads about fprs. I would like to fix the problem myself if it is the fpr. How much for the gauge to check fuel pressure?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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