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Nice car! Factory color?
I have a 85 280sl. My wife and I just returned from a two day top down trip from St Louis to Keokuk on the eastern side of the Mississippi and then returned on the western side. Very scenic. Great fun. We took bikes which we barely used.
You have a vacume modulator on the transmission. you also have a kickdown cable. If the diaphram of the modulator is leaking, that would cause a delayed shift but it probably wouldn't get better as it warmed up. But you never know. The modulator is located on the left side of the trans. Easy to get to. Pull the vacume line off and if trans fluid runns out the diaphram is bad. Install a new modulator. It is easy to check the kick down linkage for sticking. It is attached to your throttle linkage. Check to be sure it is returning all the way.
Do you know that your car actually normally starts off in second gear? It only stasrts in first when you push the throttle far enough to engage a micro switch that downshifts it.
I bought a service manual cd on ebay. It is a ripped off copy from the Mercedes original. You can find them there if you want. You probably already know that your car was never available in this country. Also the service manual for the 107 body doesn't offer info on the engine you have which is a 110 6 cylander so you will have to get a separate manual for a car that had the 110.
I have found to be very helpfull in getting parts and info. Tony or Tom in New Orleans are the guys to talk to. personal Email me if I can help.
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